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North East Tasmania’s top tree service contractor, Serving North Eastern Tasmania.

Are you looking for local arborists in North Eastern Tasmania? Tree Services Launceston TSL is the #1 local team of arborists servicing the communities throughout North Eastern Tasmania. If the trees on your property need some extra work, give us a call to find out what we can do for you.

Trees can make your property more appealing, but when they are overgrown or dead, they can be messy and troublesome. The team at Tree Services Launceston TSL doesn’t want you to have to worry about what to do with the trees on your property.

We offer a variety of services so they can get the exact level of care they need. This includes:

● Tree Removal
● Tree Lopping
● Tree Felling
● Tree Clearing
● Tree Surgery
● Tree Trimming
● Tree Pruning & Fruit Tree Pruning
● Stump Removal & more

Our team is passionate about tree care because they know how much the right tree services can benefit a homeowner. If you’re not sure what tree services you need to make your property look better, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our friendly team members will be able to walk you through our services to give you more information about what services your property needs.

Tree Services Launceston TSL is the top team of arborist professionals in North Eastern Tasmania. We strive on building long-lasting relationships with our customers and to prove that we are always 100% dedicated to the health and appearance of the trees in your yard. Our team pays attention to detail on every job to ensure trees remain healthy for further growth.

Residents in North Eastern Tasmania can give us a call anytime at Tree Services Launceston TSL. We want you to know more about how our services can improve your property.  All customers in North Eastern Tasmania will receive a free quote. We serve all through out North East Tasmania, including Launceston, Georgetown, Legana, Longford, Deloraine, Perth, Scottsdale & St Helens.

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Tree Services Launceston Tasmania

Our tree experts offer a variety of different services. We can provide the right type of services for trees in any condition. If you aren’t sure which service you need our experts can walk you through what we can do to clean up the trees in your yard. With the right tree care services, we can keep the trees on your property looking pristine and clear more room where overgrown trees have taken over.

tree lopping launceston

Tree Removal

Our tree experts can safely remove unwanted trees from your property. We will get rid of dead and overgrown trees so you can have more room on your property.

NE Tasmania Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Quality tree trimming services will help your home look good around the clock. Our team can schedule tree trimming so this is one chore you’ll never have to worry about.

NE Tasmania Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Fruit and flower trees are a great addition to any home. However, they take an extra level of care. Our professional pruning services can help you increase your tree’s production rate.

NE Tasmania Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Old stumps left to rot can create a big mess on your property, especially when they attract pests. Our team can remove the entire stump, which includes the roots so you won’t have problems.

We provide a range of tree care services including tree removal tree lopping stump removal

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What Our Clients Say

My yard looks 100% better now that Tree Services Launceston has removed the dead trees and trimmed the overgrown trees.
Lindsay B.

Benefits Of Tree Services In Launceston

Everyone wants a yard that they look forward to spending time in. However, that can be difficult if the trees are taking over. Quality tree care services can have a lot of benefits for homeowners.

If you’re considering tree care services, it’s important that you reach out to a professional team that you can rely on. The team at Tree Services Launceston TSL has a reputation for treating trees with an extra level of care.

When you need to clean up the trees in your yard, you should consider calling Tree Services Launceston TSL. We want to show you the benefits of our tree care services.

Make Trees Safe

Did you know that overgrown trees can also become a safety hazard? Storms can take down tree branches, which can cause damage to your property. Even dead trees are risky because the entire tree could fall over when there’s a strong wind. The last thing you need is a tree falling onto your home during a windstorm.

What’s the best way to make sure that doesn’t happen? Call the tree service experts in your area that put safety first on every job. Tree Services Launceston TSL wants to make sure the trees on every North Eastern Tasmania property aren’t a safety hazard.

Ensure Trees are Neat and Tidy

While trees are a beautiful addition to your property, the leaves and branches can make a big mess. Tree Services Launceston TSL offers tree trimming services to ensure you’re trees look great 24/7. These services can make your property look better while also improving the curb appeal of your home.

In order to keep trees neat and tidy around the clock, you will need regular tree trimming services. Our experts can arrange a schedule with you based on your trees’ cycles. This way you won’t have to deal with messy and overgrown trees cluttering your yard.

Trees Stay Healthy and Strong

If you have trees on your yard that you love, you likely want to keep them healthy and strong. Having your trees trimmed once or twice a year (as needed) is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy tree so it continues to grow throughout the years. If a tree has too much growth or dead branches left on it, this can lead to problems with the tree.

These problems can lead to diseases, rotting, or even cause the tree to die. Tree Services Launceston TSL wants to make sure your favorite trees stay healthy throughout the years.

Garden Looks Great

Beautiful trees can complement your garden. However, if the trees are overgrown, they may block the sun and restrict the airflow. Tree Services Launceston TSL offers tree trimming and other services to keep your trees maintained so they continue to add beauty to your garden.

We will make sure your trees look full and luscious without suffocating your garden. You can be surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers, shrubs, and trees all year long while loving the way your property looks.


Tree Lopping In Launceston

When you have trees that you need to have removed, it’s always recommended to contact a professional. Tree Services Launceston TSL offers tree removal services throughout North Eastern Tasmania. Our team of expert arborists will remove the unwanted and dead trees from your land and clear up more space for whatever you have planned next.

Unless you have the right equipment and background experience, removing trees isn’t an easy task. Not only will you make a mess, but you could also cause damage to your property or injury to yourself.

Want to know why you should consider hiring Tree Services Launceston TSL?

● Team of arborists with strong background experience and expert tree care knowledge.
● Trees removed safely with no mess left behind.
● Tree removal can improve the curb appeal of your property.
● Remove the risk of trees causing damage to your home and property when a storm hits.
● Make room for new trees to grow strong and healthy.

For reliable tree removal services in North Eastern Tasmania, there is only one team you can trust. Tree Services Launceston TSL has a 5-star reputation in local communities. Give us a call today to learn more about the tree removal services we offer in your area. All local customers will receive a free quote.


Tree Trimming Services

Do you want to effortlessly keep the trees on your property looking good around the clock? While that’s not something you may be able to keep up with, the professional arborists at Tree Services Launceston TSL can. Most trees stay healthy and attractive when they are trimmed twice a year. Our local specialist can make a schedule for tree trimming based on your trees’ cycles.

You should always trust the arborist that you hire to trim your trees. If the person tending to your trees trims them the wrong way, it could cause damage to your trees’ health. This can lead to further problems that could affect how your tree grows.

Tree Services Launceston TSL offers the best local tree trimming services. Want to know why you should hire us for tree trimming?

● Keep the trees on your property looking good by maintaining a tree trimming schedule
● Easy way to improve the curb appeal of your property
● Trimming can counteract any root loss a tree may have experienced
● Allows the tree (and your gardens) to receive more sunlight exposure
● Improves the health of your trees to promote better growth
● Helps the tree absorb more nutrients
● Minimize the risk of damages that could be caused during a storm

Call us today at Tree Services Launceston TSL to learn more. All local customers will receive a free quote.


Tree Pruning

There are so many beautiful flower and fruit trees that grow in Tasmania. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the space on their property to plant their favorite trees. If you want to see your tree produce more fruit and flowers each year, you need to consider tree pruning services.

The team at Tree Services Launceston TSL has the best tree knowledge in the local area. Our tree experts can create a tree pruning schedule that will keep your trees healthy. We have the top reviews locally for tree care services.

Are you wondering if you need professional tree pruning services? Here are some reasons you should call Tree Services Launceston TSL.

● Improve the structure and appearance of your trees
● Pruning keeps all types of trees healthy by removing dead leaves and branches and allowing room for healthy new leaves to grow
● Improves the air circulation and the tree’s exposure to sunlight
● Detect and remove diseased branches to prevent further damage to the tree

Want to learn more about tree pruning services? Give us a call at Tree Services Launceston TSL today for more information. All residents in North Eastern Tasmania will receive a free quote.


Stump Removal

After a tree has been cut down, the stump will still be left intact. While this may seem harmless, it can actually cause several problems for your property. An old tree stump can start to rot in the ground and attract unwanted pests to your property. This is something local homeowners don’t want to deal with.

What’s the easiest solution to unwanted tree stumps on your property? Tree Services Launceston TSL offers stump removal services throughout North Eastern Tasmania. Not only will we remove the stump in the ground, but we will also remove the roots underneath so they don’t cause problems in your yard or garden.

Our licensed and insured arborists will arrive with all the right equipment to fully remove tree stumps, including a stump grinder and wood chipper. We won’t wrap up the job until all the root fragments have been removed from your yard.

Do you want to learn more about our stump removal process and how homeowners can benefit from it? Give the team at Tree Services Launceston TSL a call today. We will provide you with all the information you need to know. All local customers will receive a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Removing a tree can vary in price considerably depending on a lot of different variables. To price a job we need to consider things such as the location of tree (wedged in between 2 houses or in an open field will change our approach), how tall and wide the tree is, how extensive the canopy is, the tree species, whether there is good access or not (can we get our truck close to it?), etc. All these and more can affect the complexity and the time taken to complete the job, so if you need a price it’s probably best to call in an arborist and organise a free quote.

We sure do – with our trusty chipper we can turn any tree into a pile of woodchips in no time. You may prefer though to keep some of the tree for firewood, or keep the woodchips to use around your garden, or we can of course take them away with us. Whatever you want basically.

Some trees do genuinely need to be removed, such as if they’re dead (there’s a risk they’ll come down on their own otherwise) as it can be a safety hazard, or it may be diseased or severely damaged by storms. Or you may just want it gone for whatever reason as well. If you’re having an issue with the tree that only involves a branch or 2, such as dropping excess leaves or branches, or blocking too much sunlight over a certain area, then removing a few specific branches makes sense as well and doesn’t require removing the entire tree. If you have questions or concerns here we’re happy to offer a free quote and help you through your options.

We have the skills to remove gum pine oak trees.